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Candraco's Predictions, Thoughts and Recap writes:
"RRFFL Coke 600 Results!"
Posted by Candraco on May 27, 2012
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RRFFL Coke 600 Results:

Spanimal: 100 (5)
1-2 Bonus: 10
(Tiebreaker: #17 ONE POSITION over #48)

Dodge: 100
1-2 Bonus: 10

T-27: 87 (2)

ShakeNBake: 85 (2)

ArceusX: 81

Candraco: 80
(Tiebreaker: #88 over #24)

AnthonyB: 80
(Tiebreaker: #18 over #16)

Jr88Fan: 80
(Tiebreaker: Jr88Fan posted on 05.20.12 - 6:39 pm, NiceRosebergFan posted on 05.26.12 - 3:33 pm)

NicoRosbergFan: 80

Boog7: 75

24over48: 68

M. Cruise: 63

1st: ArceusX 964 (26)
2nd: Candraco 951 (9) -13
3rd: Dodge 923 (15) -41 +1
4th: Spanimal 918 (24) -46 +1
5th: Boog7 902 (28) -62 -2
6th: T-27 894 (16) -70
7th: ShakeNBake 880 (11) -84
8th: AnthonyB 410 (8) -554
9th: Jr88Fan 394 (3) -570
10th: 24over48 144 (21) -820 +1
11th: RotaryX7 136 -828
12th: NicoRosbergFan 80 -884
13th: M. Cruise 63 -901

Wow, one week removed from a frustrating week and comment from Spanimal he comes back and takes a huge win, though he just barely won it as it came down to the tiebreaker Dodge also picked Kahne/Hamlin but had Johnson as his third pick opposed to Spanimal's Kenseth pick who finished a mere position ahead of Johnson in the race.

Congratz to Spanimal on the win and Dodge for a close second! Both of them jump a position in the points and both wipe 19 points of their deficits to Point Leader, ArceusX. And the Rookie Rush Continues!

On the topic of rookies: lets all offer a warm welcome to NicoRosbergFan, who made his first start this week and had a pretty good run. NicoRosbergFan here also runs his own Fantasy games here on Racing Reference, his games are for F1 and Indycar and are quite fun to play! So if you have a chance check out the blogs section of the main racing Reference site and try out his games.

Also making their first start on this game is Michael Cruise who has joined our game via Facebook through our new facebook page (more on that later). He however picked 5 drivers instead of 3, He wasnt sure how many drivers to pick, however I have allowed his start but I picked the two worst RUNNING cars of his picks which gave him solid standing.

It has been a very big week for the RRFFG (Now renamed the RRFFL) we have gone through a slight name change.
We have expanded to facebook and can be found at www.facebook.com/RRFFL (if the link doesnt work just log into facebook, and in the top search bar, type in Racing Reference Forum, and it should be the top result.)

And we have expanded to twitter as well and we are located at: https://twitter.com/#!/RRFFL

So joining and making picks for our game couldnt be easier.

Thanks go out to all of you players who continue to support this game, Thank you.

And if anyone wants to join our game here, please do! You can find the rules in the rules thread in the miscellaneous section (http://racing-reference.info/forums/...read.php?t=195), or ask me!

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