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The Monday Morning Crew Chief writes:
"My F1 Revised Predictions"
Posted by martin-n-rusty on April 23, 2012
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As we are 4 races, already a fifth of the way into the season, I am already looking at some of my predictions... and OOOOH BOY do some of these not look so close to what I thought would be the case, and the way the season has gone so far, I'm sure THESE predictions could end up VERY out of whack as well.

From where I predicted them...

12. HRT - The bottom two will probably be the only thing I am certain I am correct in, short of a demo derby happening at a race, and who knows, that might not be enough the way the other 9 established teams have raced so far this season. These guys are furthest behind, and didn't even qualify for one race (Australia, again).

Revised Prediction: 12th

11. Marussia - they have consistently, when both teams are running at the end, been ahead of the HRT's, so this is the only other pick I am confident in.

Revised Prediction: 11th

10. Williams - Wow! I was down on Pastor Maldonado, and I was down on Bruno Senna. Senna only really screwed badly all race long at Australia, and had he been luckier, Maldonado would of had a decent haul of points. They definitely have got that boost. Still far from their glory days, but anything else happening to that team compared to last season is a good start.

Revised Prediction: 8th

9. Caterham - I put them at 9 on the basis that this team was the one out of the 3 new teams that had the most stuff straight. I still say they could score points, but they will probably still need some help in order to pull that off. Looks like decent competitiveness is still a year away.

Revised Prediction: 10th

8. Toro Rosso - Of the 9 established teams, this team has probabaly done what I had expected them to do. A lower end mid-level team, scoring points at some races. If they can keep on putting up reasonable results, I might have some good hope for both these rookies.

Revised Prediction: 9th

7. Lotus - GEEZUS!!! Kimi Raikkonen has lost little of his F1 skill, and had Roman Grosjean not had a run of bad luck at the starts, who knows, HE could be towards the top of the points (not necessarily points lead mind you) with the gaggle of other drivers. I would put Grosjean as my biggest surprise of the season so far.

Revised Prediction: 3rd

6. Sauber - These guys are neck and neck with Ferrari. Granted, Ferrari has stunk compared to their past greatness, but Sauber has a good stable of drivers. It would not surprise me though if one of them leaves this team before the season is up.

Revised Prediction: 6th

5. Force India - They have had some poorer performances than I expected them to have, so they have been a bit of a disappointment in my eyes, but I might still hold firm to my prediction about what Paul di Resta can do, especially if Force India can shape up as the season wears on.

Revised Prediction: 7th

4. Mercedes - This team has been a enigma to start the season. Australia and Malaysia, they fell back hard as the race wore on. At China, had Schumacher not been a victim of a pit stop gaffe, it would of been very believable to think that
they could have gone 1-2.

Revised Prediction: 4th

3. McLaren - They have looked good, as long as they are not screwing up on pit stops. Take that out, and they are probably the most consistent of the top teams. I believe they are one of the top contenders for the constructors title.

Revised Prediction: 1st

2. Ferrari - Wow. I thought maybe they wanted to show they were a superpower. Instead, they are running like a mid-pack team, and it doesn't help they got Felipe Massa as the #2 in that team. I expect a lot of changes before the season is up.

Revised Prediction: 5th

1. Red Bull - I thought this wouldn't be close. Instead, we could be looking at one of the closest championship chases EVER. I still think Red Bull could be capable of snapping into gear, especially with Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel of one of their cars. Revised Prediction: 2nd

When I can, I will post my revised predictions for the drivers.

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