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The Monday Morning Crew Chief writes:
"My thoughts: Bahrain Grand Prix"
Posted by martin-n-rusty on April 22, 2012
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First thing is first - Thank god nothing real bad happened over the weekend, but please Bernie, PLEASE reconsider Bahrain on the schedule, not unless something happens between now and next year for the better. That being said...

Whenever I revise my predictions... - I am going to have a hell of a time predicting who is going where. Normally, by this point in the season, you got an idea who is good, who is bad, and short of upsets and wonky weather, you will figure you got your team or two who, and what drivers will be competing for the championship. This year... One week, you got McLaren racing like bosses, the next, one big jumbling pit, the next, Mercedes, the next, Red Bull and Lotus. I can't think of any season where we had so many competitive teams.

Not the typical boring race - At least the race wasn't it's typical boring self. There was some good racing, and with the way Pirelli tires wear, I figured that alone would make things interesting. If the political and humanitarian situation does improve in Bahrain, I say put it back in, BUT ONLY IF

For Ferrari's good, STILL chuck Massa out! - It's clearly obvious that Felipe Massa doesn't have it anymore. Had Jenson Button and Bruno Senna not pulled off late, it probably would have been yet another race with no points for him. The guy was talented at one time (Ferrari just doesn't take anybody, if you are racing their cars, you got some talent), but ever since that spring pegged him, he just seemed to lose his talent, and a sub-par Ferrari hasn't helped things. It would not surprise me if Massa is gone before Spain.

Nico Rosberg, why you derp like that?!? - As of right now, I am surprised that no penalty has been assessed on Rosberg. The first incident, ok, you could say either Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton was at fault. But the other incident with Fernando Alonso (as much as a crybaby he is), I would have figured something would have been done to Rosberg. I think he lucked out, not unless they will do something to him at Spain.

Red Bull looks better - But considering how this season has gone, who knows, by the time they finish up at Catalunya, they could finish barely in the points, it could be back to the same ol', same ol' from 2011, or we could have more of the "same ol', same ol'" this season has produced so far.

Power Rankings (last week's ranking in parenthesis)

1. Red Bull (3) - That's more like it Vettel.
2. Lotus (6) - What is this?!? The 1960's and 1970's?!? Lotuses towards the front?!?
3. Mercedes (2) - Would of had an even better performance if Michael Schumacher didn't start in 22nd.
4. Ferrari (7) - They at least had both their cars finish in the points, so they get a good spot.
5. Force India (8) - A bold pit strategy got Paul Di Resta a good finish. Considering what happened with some of their team members this weekend, I don't blame them for skipping out a practice.
6. McLaren (1) - They get knocked down for BAD pitwork on Hamilton, and Button's car crapping out late
7. Sauber (5) - Unless a time penalty has been assessed to Rosberg that I don't know about, no points this week for the Swiss team.
8. Toro Rosso (9) - They get ahead of Williams because they at least finished the race.
9. Williams (4) - They get ahead of the HRT's, Marussia's, and Catherham's because they were at least competitive before falling out.
10. Caterham (10) - I thought they could at least compete ahead of at least a team or two. Apparently, some of the bottom established teams had gotten better.
11. HRT (12) - Both their cars finished, so they get the push ahead of Marussia
12. Marussia (11) - Back to the bottom, do the shuffle with HRT.

Editor's note: Apparently, a job I put in for where I work at appears to be approved, and I will be having Sundays off, and working second shift. Hooray! So depending when I start, I should be easily able to report the going on's of the European, Middle Eastern, American, and night time Asian races. Everything else (Japan and Korea), I'll have to watch the race replays.

Editor's second note: I'll try to get a revised prediction blog up this Tuesday. If not, I'll probably get it done in the next week or two

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