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The Monday Morning Crew Chief writes:
"My thoughts: Bahrain Grand Prix pre-race"
Posted by martin-n-rusty on April 22, 2012
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I know no government is perfect, past or present. The USA has problems. China has problems. Britain has problems. But never before, even with an Apartheid South Africa, has F1 ever gone into a race weekend where a political and social situation was so potentially explosive as the situation in Bahrain.

Like we know, there are some countries F1 goes to where the governments are the furthest things from the bastion of civil liberties and rights. China and it's Communist government has been known to throw people in prisons and re-education camps for just simply speaking out against the government, or partaking in activities that is seen in the Communist Party's eyes as going against the harmony that China is supposed to have. F1 is going to Russia in two years, a country where it's probably a few steps behind being the old Soviet Union again. It goes to Malaysia, where, though not as strict as some of its other Muslim brethren, still prefers its citizenry to praise Allah instead of any other god. I am not saying it's right or wrong though.

But in Bahrain, the situation from what I have read, seems to be in no position to safely, or at least be in a good position, to host a world class race. People being killed, civil rights being violated, and the F1 race is one of the things the protesters have targeted. However, despite all of that, Bernie Eccelstone has decided, and the Crown Prince of Bahrain has convinced him, that the country is somehow capable of running the race. Not even Brazil is this bad (referring to some incidents where some mobs had attempted to rob some personnel there for the race weekend).

Yes, Bernie and the FIA has to make sure that money is being made, I get that. But sometimes, doing the right thing is far better than trying to grab the bucks. Yes, you might get your money straight up, and yeah, for all we know, we can have the race come and go, with nothing more than protests going on outside the track and in Manama, but if something bad happens, it will be a MASSIVE stain that will be VERY hard to clean up. Blood being on Bernie's hands all because he convinced everyone that it was ok to run a race. Blood being on Bernie's hands because "the terrorists and such won't get their way".

I'll still watch the race, like I usually do, but one thing is for sure. If something bad happens, Bernie better look at his stacks of money, and ask himself was it really worth it? That should he had did the right thing, eat the costs, cancel the race, and make himself look better by trying to defuse a situation, since the F1 race is one of the big focal points of the protesters.

No matter what happens, I do hope God, Allah, or whomever one believes in does look over the people today, and that nothing more happens than protests.

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