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The Monday Morning Crew Chief writes:
"My thoughts: Chinese Grand Prix"
Posted by martin-n-rusty on April 15, 2012
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Nico Rosberg, that was just SUPERB! - The guy had potential, just couldn't get

the car to show that potential (Williams on its downslide can do that), and him being in a fast, but otherwise VERY underperforming Mercedes, I would had NEVER expected him to win one in that car unless luck fell his way. The Mercedes didn't fall off. He drove brilliantly. Congrats Rosberg, you can now consider yourself a Formula One winner.

McLaren gets some teeth back - If Jenson Button didn't have pit stop troubles, we could of had a race for the win. As it is, they round out the podium, and I will say now they will be the team to beat.

Vettel... did you change your name to Webber?!? - Yeah, old tires late, but this certaintly isn't the Sebastian Vettel that we know of from the past two years. Still say that he is my championship pick, but with how crazy this season has gone, and how bad (compared to last season) the Red Bull team has been, me being convinced to stick with that pick wanes by the weeks.

Ferrari needs an overhaul - Fernando Alonso finishes 9th, and Massa out of the points again?!? Ferrari, the first thing you need to do is dump Felipe Massa on his rear, no later than Bahrain. Second thing you need to do is after Bahrain, do what you can, by hook or by crook, to put some pride back in that red car when there is a testing session, because right now, I see a Ferrari racing like the Jean Alesi years, NOT the team that we knew of from the past 15+ years

Who the hell said China was a boring race when dry?!? - Wow! The last 15 or so laps was just exciting! And nobody having gotten wrecked... just shows again the talent these guys possess... and to show you don't need bumper cars (or hell!!! Even rain) to have a fun race.

Power Rankings (last week's ranking in parenthesis)
1. McLaren (3) - I know, didn't win the race, but snagged the other two podium spots, and at least didn't let a pitstop problem turn into a DNF.
2. Mercedes (9) - Congrats. Welcome back to the top of the podium. We missed you on that spot for the last 50+ years (if you don't want to count the times they supply McLaren with engines).
3. Red Bull (5) - I'd put them lower, but they did get the 4 and 5 spots. Had another car or two finished ahead of them, they would be lower. I will say it looks like some fire has been lit under Mark Webber though, that much is for sure.
4. Williams (6) - Not quite back to their glory years, but it looks like that last lap gremlin that was bugging Pastor Maldanado the past two races forgot to take that plane trip to China
5. Sauber (1) - They had a nice little race, finishing position though should of been a little better, but when you get that kind of race going towards the finish, you might as well had put the numbers of a bunch of cars into a jumbling barrel, and had a good shot at picking correctly.
6. Lotus (8) - Raikkonen's tires fell off badly late, so lets not hold that against him, but at least Roman Grosjean didn't break any mirrors this week. He didn't have anything wreck him or beach him this week.
7. Ferrari (2) - Had Toro Rosso or Force India stepped their games up, they WOULD be the #9 team in this week's ranking. Absolutley pathetic, especially after pulling off a win at Malaysia a few weeks back.
8. Force India (4) - Ugh. Now I know they are not Ferrari, or some other top team, but they could do better than this.
9. Toro Rosso (7) - See Force India.
10. Catherham (10) - Had this race been a few laps shorter, Vitaly Petrov would of finished on the lead lap, which I believe would have been a first for the three new teams. Correct me if I am wrong on this though.
11. Marussia (12) - Don't worry guys, HRT kept this spot nice and warm for ya.
12. HRT (11) - Welcome back to the bottom spot.

Editor's note: After the Bahrain Grand Prix, I will possibly do a update to my predictions. Considering that I have some plans though (a Broomball Charity game in two weeks, and possibly lots of overtime at work), if I don't do it by the Spanish Grand Prix, I will do my best to do something like that afterwords.

Also, I will also probably do my blog's for Bahrain, and most of the other non-Asian, non-night race recaps late Sunday, if not Tuesday, not unless I can get Sunday nights off again, in exchange for Tuesday nights working.

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