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Angry NASCAR Facing Boycott over Confederate Flag

Looks like the PC police are after NASCAR now

The "oh so rightous" National Association for the Advancment of Colored People has decided that the Confederate Flag(which was originally a battle flag during the civil war)is 'racist' and thus shouldn't be seen anywhere by anyone in public and are jumping all over NASCAR to support their 'cause' or else face boycotts and protests during the Homestead Championship race weekend of Nov. 20-22.

As far as I'm concerned,the NAACP can go jump off a cliff....if they care so much about blacks in NASCAR why don't they help drivers like Marc Davis and Chase Austin who trying to break in.Where were they when Bill Lester was running the truck series and became the first black man to run a cup race(Atlanta 06) since Willy T. Ribbs.

They claim they want NASCAR to address "racial discord" in Homestead...BULL SH*T The only ones causing discord is them with their whining and butthurt over a simple flag and the fact that organizations that play tribute to Confederate soldiers that fought in the Civil War were allowed to take part in a Veterans' Day parade last year.It's crap like this that pisses people off.

Besides,the Confederate flag is a battle has nothing to do with race or whatever.If NASCAR caves to them like Brian France appears to be doing than I've lost all respect for 'em...and I say that as a black person.
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Default Re: NASCAR Facing Boycott over Confederate Flag

"Confederate Air Force" switched to "Commemorative Air Force" some years ago, because of "politically correct" sponsors.

I hope "rednecks" will not remove "Bonnie blue flags" and "Dixie flags" from their campers, in the infields !
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Default Re: NASCAR Facing Boycott over Confederate Flag

They should also ban "pants on the ground"
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