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Default Paul Menard

How about this no talent punk? He constantly has a ride and every single year it seems like he is bumping somone more talented out of a ride just because his daddy brings him a sponser. Travis Kvapil and now Reed Sorenson most recently. Sure these two aren't the sports most talented drivers, but they are clearly more talented than Paul Menard. He and his daddy's money are no longer welcome in Nascar as far as I'm concerned.
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Default Re: Paul Menard

I agree, money talks BS walks.
He HAS no talent and will never win a Cup race (even tho i think he won the 2008 fall tally race) His daddy's money will keep him NASCAR until the world comes to an end. Better drivers available than "i use my daddys money too keep my job."
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Default Re: Paul Menard

Don't forget how he took points away from Sterling Marlin (which Marlin busted his ass for qualifying on time) and did jack shit with them.
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