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Default Jeff Burton

Since the boards are inactive i'd thougt i'd post a driver. :P

Nicknamed "The Mayor" cuz he wants too get into politics when he retires.

21 Cup wins

Like Mark Martin is a "nice guy" on track. But being a "nice guy" has also hurt him the racetrack. Isn't a agressive enough too win championships. His best times were at Roush but does fairly well at RCR after Robby left for his own deal. he should have a Championship but doesn't for the reason he isn't agressive enough.

He SHOULD have won the first COT race but decided too settle for 2nd.
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Default Re: Jeff Burton

He used to be more aggressive 10 years ago. Then, he would fight for spots. Now it's like he's happy when he can get them.

Plus it doesn't help that RCR is in the shitter.
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Default Re: Jeff Burton

Hard to think of when the last time was that Jeff was in a car capable of winning. And if the car you are in isn't good enough to win, the driver needs to be good enough to bring it home in one piece. If I've done my math right, Jeff has crashed out of 9 races in the last 5 years.
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Old 02-24-2010, 10:03 AM   #4
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Default Re: Jeff Burton

Some call him "Mark Martin-Light", but while that goes well for his stats, it doesn't do him justice. He had a good run at Fontana and RCR appears to be in better shape than last year, so maybe we'll see some more wins from him. While I'm no fan, Burton is one of those drivers you cannot possibly dislike.
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Default Re: Jeff Burton

I am a big Burton fan. Love the CAT paint scheme. Such a professional driver.
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