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Default Kyle Busch

Since it has taken FOREVER, for a Shrub thread to be made i decided to go ahead and post one.

From 1999 through 2001, Busch earned more than 65 wins in legends cars as he racked up two track championships at Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s “Bullring” before moving to late models. Winning seemed to come naturally as the youngster captured 10 victories in late model competition at the Bullring in 2001.[6]

In 2002 Kyle Busch graduated a year early with honors from Durango High School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2004 Busch Series Rookie of the Year
2005 Nextel Cup Rookie of the Year

Career Win List:
1.) 2005 Sony HD 500 @ California
2.) 2005 Checker Auto Parts 500 @ Phoenix
3.) 2006 Lenox Industrial Tools 300 @ New Hampshire
4.) 2007 Food City 500 @ Bristol (First Ever COT Race)
5.) 2008 Kobalt Tools 500 @ Atlanta (First Ever Toyota Winner)
6.) 2008 Aaron’s 499 @ Talladega
7.) 2008 Dodge Challenger 500 @ Darlington
8.) 2008 Best Buy 400 @ Dover
9.) 2008 Toyota/Save Mart 350 @ Infineon
10.) 2008 Coke Zero 400 @ Daytona
11.) 2008 400 @ Chicagoland
12.) 2008 Centurion Boats @ The Glen @ Watkins Glen
13.) 2009 Shelby 421 @ Las Vegas
14.) 2009 Food City 500 @ Bristol
15.) 2009 Crown Royal 400 @ Richmond

please i know its going to be hard but i really dont want 30 pages of "i hate kyle busch" posts so please NO SPAM!
negetive comments are fine just dont spam the thread
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Default Re: Kyle Busch

well i'll say this. He should stop being a media player and focus on his driving, cuz he may miss the Chase this year. And "IF" he does, it's because of all of his "taking shots at Jr."
He isn't, never ever ever ever will BE Dale Earnhardt. I finally realize why Rick Hendrick let him go.
I'll end with this. one of these days a driver isn't going to take his crap on the track and will put him in the wall, most likey at one of the high speed track. And they will NOT say "i'm sorry." That person whoever it may be will say "the kid deserved it." He has talent but can't get his head out of his ass to use properly.
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Default Re: Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch has talent no doubt. He drives real hard and is an exciting race car driver. I just wish he would get rid of the cry baby attitude. He whines that it is the cars fault if he finishes second in Busch. His own teammate is kicking his but in the same equipment. It frustrates him so much. He doesn't seem like a team player always complaining about "It was a good points day" It will keep him from being truly great if he doesn't learn the word TEAM!

In the cup series he gets so irate when the car doesn't handle that mentally he is out of it. He is struggling to make the chase and does he care? Doesn't look like it trying to do a 10,000 RPM burnout leaving the pits. He tried to finish off the motor. If he doesn't have a chance at a win then he pouts and loses focus. This is a team sport and every point counts. He needs to grow up. Once he does that he should be fine. I do see why Hendrick got rid of him though.
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Default Re: Kyle Busch

Well then, let's start by saying I don't hate the guy, but liking him is something completely different. He's at the right place at JGR, at least as far as I'm concerned, since I don't like the team nor the other drivers. Got to admit he's a talented driver though, and I think his bow after a victory is classy, not cocky.
He'll win a championship, eventually.
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Default Re: Kyle Busch

Having watched Kyle Busch since his days in Legends at the LVMS Bullring, I can honestly say that I think he is the best raw talent I have seen since Dan Gurney. I really would like to see him take that F1 shot. Of course, I'ld like to see almost any of NASCAR's finest take on the big kids.

Now if I could just get over the Toyota thing
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Default Re: Kyle Busch

Just a bit more on the kid.....He won an outstanding 29% of the na$car races he entered in 2011.

And, this was something I compiled back in '05.....After that I lost my internet connection for a while and never did update it.

Kyle Busch
Youngest driver to ever win in a Late Model at LVMS
Youngest driver to hold LVMS Late Model qualifying record.
Earned over 65 Legends wins in 3 and a half years.
Youngest driver to sit on a Nextel Cup Pole
Youngest driver to ever lead a Nextel Cup race.

1998......LVMS Legends, top ten in every race entered (age 13)

1999......LVMS Legends ROTY
1999......LVMS Legends Champion (12 consecutive wins)
1999......2nd Place Legends Young Lions National Points

2000......LVMS Legends Champion
2000......Nevada State Legends Champion (Pro Division)
2000......LVMS Nascar Late Models, first win in first start, got busted, underage, 15
2000......Grand American Modifieds, first win in his fifth start
2000......1/2 Mile Dirt Legends, 4th overall

2001.......LVMS Nascar Late Models, 15 starts, 10 wins, 1st in points when Jack called
2001.......NCTS 6 starts, 2 top tens, led 17 laps at Chicago

2002.......ARCA 1 start finished 12 on the lead lap driving the #22 WP Motorsports car.
2002.......ASA 19 starts, 9 top tens, 3 top 5's, led 71 laps, 8th in points, 3rd in Rookie points (age 17)

2003.......LVMS NASCAR Super Late Models 2 starts 1 win, 1 Second
2003.......LVMS Legends 1 start, 1 win.....think he made another start but can't find results
2003.......Lowes Legends 1 start, 1 third
2003.......2003 IMCA Dirt Mods 1 start, took his heat and finished 6th in the main out of over 150 entries.
2003.......ARCA 6 starts, 2 wins (age 17) and an 11th, 3 poles (holds ARCA qualifying record at Nashville) Has led .........a total of 191 laps.
2003.......BUSCH 7 starts, 2 seconds and a 7th. Led 39 laps.

2004......ARCA 1 start, 1 win
2004......NCTS 1 start, finished 11th
2004......Busch 33 starts, 5 wins 26 LLF's with only 1 DNF, Busch Series ROTY
Holds 8 Busch Rookie records.........
- Highest points finish (second).
- Most pole positions (five).
- Most top-10 finishes (22).
- Most championship points (4,943).
- Most laps led (1,104).
- Most races led (21).
- Most wins (five, tied with Greg Biffle, 2001).
- Most top-five finishes (16, tied with Greg Biffle, 2001).

2004......Nextel Cup 6 start 18th (twice) finish 24th

2005......Nextel Cup 2 starts, 1 pole....Youngest Cup Polesitter ever.
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