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Default Johnny Gets A Ride

hearing that Johnny Benson will be in #15 Red Top Auto Auction Billy Ballew Toyota for Martinsville.....

Johnny is one of those guys that I just gotta root for. To begin with, he's a journeyman racecar driver that given the right car can win every time out. Secondly, he is a gentleman of the sport who runs ya clean until you want to mix it up....which is how I was taught to play water polo. Don't touch my trunks, and if ya smack me illegally, I'll make you wish you never got in the pool...dang, hard to believe that was some 40 years ago.

Oh well, Good Luck to Johnny and Good Luck to Billy Ballew. Given the right planetary line-up Johnny wins the race, and Billy gets one step closer to Cup.

"I'm really excited about getting back to Martinsville (Speedway). It's a track that I've had good success at. Of course it's a track that all drivers have had bad luck there, too. Billy Ballew gave me a great opportunity to drive the Red Top Auto Auction Tundra. His teams are known for being successful each and every weekend, so I'm really looking forward to getting behind the wheel.

"Martinsville is one of those tracks where you have to be aggressive, but you have to keep the nose piece and the side fenders from rubbing on your tires. You really have to be aggressive to stay up front, but try not to hit anything. By the end of the race, especially the last 10 to 15 laps, there's a lot of bumping and banging. That definitely happens at Martinsville. Hopefully we'll be up front and out of the danger zone in the late stages of the race.

"A couple of years ago, I ran into a small incident with one of Billy's trucks at Martinsville (smiling). I got spun in the last two corners of the race. We were running in second-place at the time. I think most of us drivers have been in that situation before, where we've been taken out. It's one of those things you kind of laugh about now. It wasn't funny at the time, but I can joke about it now. So it is kind of ironic that I'm running one of Billy's trucks at that race track. It's going to be neat to go

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