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Candraco 01-15-2013 07:13 PM

RRFFL 2013 Preseason Bulletin!
2013 RRFFL Season!

Hello Everyone, Its time for a new year of Nascar Racing!

Before anything else I wanted to introduce all the new rules for the year.

Previously It has been pick 3 drivers and your top 2 will count for points. This year I am changing over the game to make this more of an actual League instead of a pick em game, This year starting at Daytona everyone will pick 4 drivers as their “Team” and 1 bonus driver for Tiebreakers.

The way this will work is I will assign a point value to every player who starts the game at a base of 150, this cannot be changed. The points the player has can be used to “Purchase” drivers for their 4 person team and will accumulate every point those 4 drivers earn in any race.

Point costs for each driver will be based on their final standings for last year, here is an example of what points would look like for the top three:

Brad Keselowski-50 points
Clint Bowyer-49 points
Jimmie Johnson-48 points

The higher the driver finished last year the more valuable he will cost to put in your team, the lower the driver finished the cheaper he is. Based on my points system you cannot just pick the top 4 drivers and run the season with a dream team, No you must mix your drivers up to fit with the amount of points you have

Here is an example team for me:

Candraco: 150 Points

Driver 1: Tony Stewart-42 points
Driver 2: Kyle Busch-38 points
Driver 3: Kurt Busch-26 points
Driver 4: Joey Logano-34 points
Total Team Cost: 140/150

(Leftover points are considered null and void)

Choose wisely when picking your drivers!

Bonus drivers cost nothing and ONLY count when a tiebreaker is needed, when a tiebreaker is needed the bonus drivers of both teams are taken into account and whichever finishes higher in the race earns a single point for the player and takes the win.

No one is allowed the same bonus driver and the bonus driver cannot be someone who is already in your main team.

Teams must be formed before a race, and do not need to be updated, If you create a team before Daytona and do not make a post I will still tally up that teams score every race until the end of the year. However if you want to update your team based on your drivers performance through the year or a new driver starts performing well (Say Joe Nemechek goes on a 3 race winning streak or Joey Logano is Leading the points for 8 consecutive weeks…) then you will be allowed to change your teams after a set amount of races has passed For example if I split the season into 4 we have 4 segments of 9 races. However I am going to allow team changes every 5 weeks until Chase Week when everyone is allowed to make one final team change and use that team for the entire chase.

I have given this game a fair bit of thought and have been striving to make it as fair as possible for every player, If you have a question please ask. I will post the entire drivers list for 2013 as well as their point values next week to allow for team forming.

ShakeNbake 02-10-2013 09:44 PM

Re: RRFFL 2013 Preseason Bulletin!
1. Brad Keselowski 50
2. Jimmie Johnson 48
3. Kyle Busch 38
4. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. ???

Based on the explaination above this is the team I would roll with for the entire season.

Spanimal 02-23-2013 03:17 PM

Re: RRFFL 2013 Preseason Bulletin!
Matt Kenseth- 44pts
Dale Earnhardt Jr.- 39pts
Carl Edwards- 36pts
Jeff Burton- 32pts

boog7 02-24-2013 01:04 PM

Re: RRFFL 2013 Preseason Bulletin!
Dale Jr- 39 points
Kevin harvick-43points
tony stewart-42points
ricky stenhouse

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