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Blog entries from December 2010:

  1. "What a (great) year!" posted by RealFastFan24 on December 29, 2010   (8 comments)

    After a grueling year of 36 cup races, it seems all NASCAR fans want to rant about is how lackluster a season it has been. I disagree with that statement. It has been a great year. Perhaps, in some areas, the season could have been improved. But it is ridiculous to ask a sanctioning body for more competition than NASCAR had in the 2010 Sprint Cup Series .... Read the rest of this blog

  2. "Its That Time of Year Again!" posted by drewh on December 27, 2010   (0 comments)

    Well it?s that time of year again. Time when the needles from the Christmas tree make the rug look green and half the toys are already broken. Time when things are usually quiet at work as many people take the week off to recover from the stresses of Christmas shopping and prepare for the New Years Eve parties.

    It?s also that time when it seems .... Read the rest of this blog

  3. "2010: My Thoughts" posted by RR on December 27, 2010   (0 comments)

    Well, after about a year of forsaking blogs, and about a six month hiatus from posting anything at racing-reference, I figured the end of the year would be the perfect time to actually drop back in. I suppose nothing can be more proper (yet cliché) than to post a ?Year in Review? blog. Away we go?

    2010 was? a tad bit awash in excessive hype. .... Read the rest of this blog

  4. "Race Fanâ??s Letter to Santa" posted by Uptight Motorsports Nerd on December 21, 2010   (8 comments)

    Dear Santa,

    I?ve been a good boy this year, but there are presents I think other people need more than me.

    Please deliver clear plastics to the makers of those ugly shark fins popping up on race cars everywhere. I understand they stop cars from spinning out at high speed, but do they need to offend the sighted world?

    Please .... Read the rest of this blog

  5. "NASCAR Cup: The Better-Than-10th Average Finish Club" posted by Talon64 on December 21, 2010   (1 comment)

    In 2010 Kevin Harvick was the first driver in the last 3 seasons to finish with an average finish better than 10th, an impressive 8.7. The next best was Carl Edwards at 11.8.

    It's not something very many drivers have done in Cup Series history; only 25 drivers have finished a season with an average finish of 10th or better, with many of them .... Read the rest of this blog

  6. "What A Week!" posted by ajcrdstr24 on December 12, 2010   (0 comments)

    Well, I've been back in Pennsylvania for nearly a week now and I'm still recalling the week's events from the Pensacola, Florida area. I apologize that I didn't get a chance to post any sooner, but I've been so busy with work that it has taken me all week to get around to posting photos, videos and typing this. Over 300 photos can be found at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2064408&id=37801386&l=2fad6e2f6a .... Read the rest of this blog

  7. "Common Sense NASCAR Improvements" posted by Mile501 on December 10, 2010   (46 comments)

    Common sense is one thing NASCAR is seriously lacking these days...along with genuine excitement. Most of the "excitement" that we do have these days just feels contrived, with very few exceptions. Three of those exceptions came when Jamie McMurray won races this year...now that was a breath of fresh air! Unfortunately, those moments are becoming quite .... Read the rest of this blog

  8. "A Few Random Thoughts on a Chilly Monday Morning." posted by drewh on December 6, 2010   (4 comments)

    Once again Brian France has decided that the NASCAR Sprint Cup points systems needs to be changed for the 2011 season. It?s not clear if winning will have an increased importance, but expect an announcement on January 21st at Daytona.

    This season just concluded was arguably the best, most competitive season since the advent of the Chase format. .... Read the rest of this blog

  9. "Jimmie Johnson-The Best Yet?" posted by Fast Lane on December 2, 2010   (14 comments)

    Jimmy Johnson is the best driver in NASCAR--now. Richard Petty dominated during the 1960s and 70s; Dale Earnhardt intimidated throughout the 1980s and 90s. Now Jimmie Johnson is dominating. He has won 5 championships in a row. He is Mr. Consistency--he usually finishes in the top 5 or top 10, if he doesn't win the race. Even Jeff Gordon doesn't compare. .... Read the rest of this blog

  10. "Recommended Offseason Viewing" posted by Uptight Motorsports Nerd on December 1, 2010   (3 comments)

    I have recently been diagnosed with racing withdrawal. Making matters worse, this follows a harsh case of acute bronchitis. I find the best remedy is to watch bootlegged videos of old races on YouTube. I?ve watched many videos and I have a few that to recommend to any race fan with a few hours to spare on the internet.

    The first selection .... Read the rest of this blog


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