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Blog entries from December 2009:

  1. "2009 Sprint Cup season in review: David Reutimann" posted by Joshua Lobdell on December 31, 2009   (2 comments)

    David Reutimann is one of the best stories in all of NASCAR today. Not only is he a rising star, not so much young at age 39, but he is helping to build Michel Waltrip Racing into a new Cup Super team. No, they are not there yet but all indications seem to point to the fact that they will be soon.

    The best thing about Reutimann?s 2009 campaign .... Read the rest of this blog

  2. "F1 Review of 2009, the runners and the riders (Part 1 of 2)" posted by JHS on December 30, 2009   (0 comments)

    Already the 2010 F1 season is taking place. Just a few seats remain at some of the new teams, the world is primed and ready for what promises to be one of the most highly anticipated seasons of Formula One racing in the last decade. What better way then, to wave goodbye to the Noughties and welcome in the 10?s with a team by team review of the 2009 .... Read the rest of this blog

  3. "Michael, Not Mansell" posted by RR on December 29, 2009   (4 comments)

    It?s natural for most of us to look to the past in order to try and predict the future. In many cases, looking back to previous scenarios is the best way to accurately predict a similar occurrence in the present. So it was no surprise that, after Michael Schumacher announced his return to Formula One after a three year hiatus, many referred to previous .... Read the rest of this blog

  4. "NASCAR to Expand the 2010 Bud Shootout Field." posted by drewh on December 28, 2009   (9 comments)

    In 1979 NASCAR, together with Anheuser-Busch established the ?Busch Clash?. This was a short, non-points paying, but big money race a few days before the Daytona 500. The only drivers eligible to enter this race were those who had won a pole position any time during the previous season. This eventually became a very prestigious and important .... Read the rest of this blog

  5. "Tis the season for no NASCAR racing" posted by Fast Lane on December 27, 2009   (0 comments)

    Christmas is over! The gifts that we didn't want have been returned. With the New Year approaching, its time to look forward to Daytona Speed Weeks!

    Some observations: Jimmy Johnson is Mr. Consistency--look for him to win another championship--this season? Dale Earnhardt, Jr. must get back in the win column to continue to be a viable contender, .... Read the rest of this blog

  6. "20 Things I Would Like to See for 2010" posted by The Liberator on December 25, 2009   (10 comments)

    With the 2010 motorsport season approaching, it's time to make a list of the 20 things that I hope will transpire during the next year of racing.

    1. Felipe Massa win the World Driving Championship...he's too nice and it's just too good of a story. All his career, Massa's been "second best," and never got the respect he deserved. He outscored .... Read the rest of this blog

  7. "Another glorious chapter?" posted by JHS on December 23, 2009   (2 comments)

    Like any good novel, The Curious Case of Michael Schumacher ended on a cliff hanger at the end of 2006, a ?To be continued??? to keep the viewers wondering what exactly he?d do next.

    Some Shell PR stuff followed entitled exactly that. Falling of bikes began not much longer. But in 2009, a juicy sounding sequel was released. After Ferrari .... Read the rest of this blog

  8. "Cup: The Pressure Is On" posted by Talon64 on December 22, 2009   (2 comments)

    After a 2009 season of NASCAR that saw history be made, old men kick the crap out of the young bucks and drivers break out, hit new career marks or suffer new career lows, there?s a number of drivers who will be feeling the pressure in 2010 for an assortment of reasons. Some will need to rebound from disappointing seasons, some will need to have a good .... Read the rest of this blog

  9. "Fixing The Chase" posted by The Dark Knight on December 21, 2009   (7 comments)

    In my last blog post (aka: my first blog post) I said that NASCAR?s Chase needed an overhaul. It?s not working if the current format favors one team and driver 66% of the time. Let?s be honest: If you were Jimmie Johnson, you wouldn?t want to change a thing either!

    The Chase is anti-climactic at best and at worst it?s incredibly boring. .... Read the rest of this blog

  10. "Saving Indy" posted by The Liberator on December 21, 2009   (0 comments)

    They call it the "Greatest Spectacle in Racing."

    Past-tense and it make sense.

    Today? Today, well, that's just laughable.

    The Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, and the sport of North American open-wheel racing, has declined sharply since the middle of the 1990s, and has seemingly hit an all-time low with dismal television viewership .... Read the rest of this blog

  11. "How to Combat the "No Racing Blues"" posted by drewh on December 21, 2009   (2 comments)

    As of this writing it?s been nearly a month since the last time NASCAR race engines were heard in anger at Homestead-Miami Speedway. It?s been almost two weeks longer than that since the NHRA World Finals in Pomona. Most other major race series in the country ended their seasons even earlier. And with the exception of a few regional short track races, .... Read the rest of this blog

  12. "If I ruled F1" posted by JHS on December 20, 2009   (8 comments)

    For anyone who reads AUTOSPORT magazine on a regular basis, you will doubtlessly have seen where I have taken inspiration from for this entry. For anybody who doesn?t, in this week?s Christmas addition of the magazine, leading F1 analyst and editor Andrew Van De Burgt on what he?d do if he played the role of the FIA. Now certainly, I can?t claim to .... Read the rest of this blog

  13. "Sprint Cup Drivers of the Decade" posted by 48wolfpacker on December 20, 2009   (0 comments)

    Six Sprint Cup drivers competed in all 358 races this decade, including Jeff Burton, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth, Bobby Labonte, and Tony Stewart. Elliott Sadler fell one race short of completing every race of the decade with his DNQ at Talladega in 2000. These seven drivers have completed the most races, but who are the drivers of .... Read the rest of this blog

  14. "2009 Recap and 2010 Preview" posted by ajcrdstr24 on December 19, 2009   (0 comments)

    Well, the 2009 racing season is all but over and overall it was a pretty good year. NASCAR still has some things they definitely need to work out, and while I continue to get annoyed when I watch the TV broadcasts I'll get lured back in during the Daytona 500 coverage in February 2010.

    Short track racing (asphalt and dirt) appears to be headed .... Read the rest of this blog

  15. "Kinser's New Challenge" posted by RR on December 18, 2009   (0 comments)

    There?s not a whole lot that really surprises me in racing. Most ?news? that deals with racing (or, for that matter, any news) usually hits the rumor mill long before it?s officially announced, and thus is dissected by the anyone and everyone for weeks. Then, when the ?announcement? (which is combed through by lawyers, shaped by PR specialists, and .... Read the rest of this blog

  16. "Splash & Go: 1st Edition for Collectors" posted by Uptight Motorsports Nerd on December 16, 2009   (5 comments)

    Greetings readers! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andrew and I?m a mechanic living in Pennsylvania. I am 24-years-old and have been watching racing since 1996. My earliest memories of racing involve my father teaching me that Dale Earnhardt Sr. is ?yucky?. In 1998 I decided to see what all the fuss about open-wheel racing was about so .... Read the rest of this blog

  17. "Performance Racing Industry Trade Show Report" posted by drewh on December 15, 2009   (0 comments)

    We just got back from the Performance Racing Industry trade show in Orlando, Florida. This is the largest racing trade show in America and gives race teams and those in the racing and the performance business a chance to see new products, make new connections, and work on plans for the coming year. Many of the various race sanctioning bodies use the .... Read the rest of this blog

  18. "Danica Patrick - A Peak Behind the Curtain of Hype" posted by HossBlake on December 15, 2009   (0 comments)

    As we all know, Danica Patrick will be driving for JR Motorsports on a limited basis in the NASCAR Nationwide Series and also in the season opening ARCA race at Daytona.

    Jr and Danica are a perfect combination. They're both also rans who use marketing based on birth circumstances (son of Earnhardt, a "hot" chick) to make a bizillion dollars .... Read the rest of this blog

  19. "Tying up loose ends" posted by JHS on December 13, 2009   (1 comment)

    I?m never a fan of this time of year. Bitterly cold weather, you see more darkness then light in a day, and don?t even get me started on the joke that is Christmas! But recently for me, this bleak and boring time of year has been rather spiced up in a way as we anticipate what the world of Formula One could hold for us in 2010. Already the ?off? season, .... Read the rest of this blog

  20. "2009 Sprint Cup season in review: Dale Earnhardt Jr." posted by Joshua Lobdell on December 11, 2009   (6 comments)

    It is kind of sad to say, that Dale Earnhardt Jr. just completed the 2009 season in the worst final drivers points position of his 10 year career. He finished 25th in points and that is six spots worse then his previous worst points finish of 19th in 2005.

    For Dale Jr., and more importantly his fan base, there are no more excuses. He drives .... Read the rest of this blog

  21. "Which Races Will She Race?" posted by Joey2448 on December 10, 2009   (0 comments)

    By now, all the racing fans in the world have heard of Danica Patrick deciding to climb aboard with JR Motorsports and race a limited schedule next year in the NASCAR Nationwide series. You can all read my thoughts about her here. The press conference didn?t reveal much, though. All that Danica, JRM co-owner Kelley Earnhardt and GoDaddy.com founder/CEO .... Read the rest of this blog

  22. "A little Introduction" posted by Joshua Lobdell on December 10, 2009   (2 comments)

    My name is Joshua Lobdell and I have been a NASCAR fan since around 1990 or so. While I am a huge sports nut, NASCAR ranks first in my heart. I should also tell everyone that I am a full time sports writer, writing for several different internet publications.

    My main NASCAR site is www.detroitnascarexaminer.com there I write about the world .... Read the rest of this blog

  23. "Scattered Thoughts" posted by RR on December 10, 2009   (3 comments)

    I figured since I haven?t posted in a while, I?d just whip up some random thoughts?

    -While most people are questioning Jenson Button?s move to McLaren (so did I initially), I really don?t think it was a bad move. The fact that Brawn/Mercedes allowed their world championship-winning driver to leave without putting up so much as a fight suggests .... Read the rest of this blog

  24. "Drivers are a Bunch of Twits: Racing, Twitter and You" posted by Talon64 on December 9, 2009   (6 comments)

    Online networking sites have given fans various different ways of connecting with their favorite driver, and Twitter is no exception as many drivers in series across the world have embraced it and many post regularly.

    It's also a good way of getting up-to-the-minute news in racing through driver, team and racing series announcements and people .... Read the rest of this blog

  25. "The "Off Season"; Some Continue to Win, Some Get Laid Off!" posted by drewh on December 9, 2009   (0 comments)

    Not everybody is done racing for the year, Kyle Busch won his fourth major Super Late Model race of the season when he took the checkers for the 42nd annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida. Busch took the lead late in the 300 lap affair when he passed the 2005 Snowball winner, Eddie Mercer. Mercer was able to remain in second .... Read the rest of this blog

  26. "Defining a Decade: Looking Back on Motorsport in the 00s" posted by The Liberator on December 5, 2009   (3 comments)

    Ten more years of auto racing excellence have come to a close as the world progresses to the 10s.

    Like any other era of motorsport, the 00s can be defined by the key moments that will hold a place in history forever. The best of times, the worst of times...the 00s has seen them all on the race track.

    It's time to take a look back .... Read the rest of this blog

  27. "A look back at the last of the noughties" posted by JHS on December 5, 2009   (2 comments)

    So that?s it folks. The engines have revved for the last time, the paint traded for the last time and the drivers have battled for the last time this year. Already people are highly anticipating the new year even though it hasn?t been long since most the biggest championships packed up for 2009.

    As ever, it?s very difficult to pick out a favourite .... Read the rest of this blog

  28. "Viva Las Vegas!" posted by Joey2448 on December 4, 2009   (0 comments)

    Boy, NASCAR made the right decision to move the year-end ceremonies out of New York City to the west coast, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not that the Big Apple didn?t live up to expectations. It was glamorous all right, with the awards presentation in the elegant Waldorf-Astoria. But something was lacking that Vegas has provided thus far in Champions Week.

    The .... Read the rest of this blog

  29. "Off Season News: Kimi gets his wings! Plus...." posted by Talon64 on December 4, 2009   (1 comment)

    The news everyone was waiting for finally dropped as OFFICIAL: Kimi Raikkonen is taking anywhere from a temporary to a permanent leave of absence from Formula 1 as he's signed a 1 year deal to drive in the World Rally Championship for the Citroen Junior Team in 2010. He joins Junior Team teammate and sophomore WRC driver Sebastien Ogier, and factory .... Read the rest of this blog

  30. "Ernie Irvan: 1994" posted by null on December 3, 2009   (2 comments)

    Dale Earnhardt waltzed to the championship, his seventh, in 1994. However, if a serious crash in practice for the August Michigan race hadn't occurred, Ernie Irvan could easily have been the 1994 champion. In 1993, after Davey Allison's death, Irvan drove the last nine races in the Havoline #28. With a full season ahead, Ernie was one of the championship .... Read the rest of this blog

  31. "NASCAR's driver branding is unparalleled" posted by John B on December 2, 2009   (0 comments)

    Yesterday I pulled up to our local Wal-Mart Super Center and parked my white Ford Taurus next to a black GMC Yukon. As I looked to my right I said ?they are NASCAR fans? to which she replied ?but of who??. Well she didn?t know I had noticed the two Carl Edward stickers on the back but I quickly told her of the fact.

    As she was getting our 20-month .... Read the rest of this blog

  32. "Young F1 Drivers Debut in Jerez" posted by The Liberator on December 1, 2009   (3 comments)

    At the end of 2004, a young driver by the name of Lewis Hamilton stepped in to a Formula 1 car for the first time.

    Today, Hamilton is a World Champion, and regarded as one of the best on the current grid.

    While few will ever accomplish the immediate success Hamilton has, many can dream, and a handful of Formula 1 hopefuls made their .... Read the rest of this blog

  33. "A once great track in ruins" posted by JHS on December 1, 2009   (5 comments)

    Talk to any motorsport fan about what their favourite race or race track is and you can expect the normal responses. It?s pretty obvious to anybody in the know. You?ve got the iconic ovals of Daytona, Talladega and Indianapolis in the states, you?ve got Le Mans or La Sarthe, you?ve obviously got Monte-Carlo, Spa and Monza for F1 tracks. In England as .... Read the rest of this blog


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