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Would you like to be a blogger?

    You can already register your opinions via comments on drivers, races and owners, but how would you like to have your own section of racing-reference.info to write in?

    We're not necessarily looking for professional writers - anyone who has some thoughts and opinions they'd like to express is welcome to participate.  There are lots of users of racing-reference.info who leave intelligent comments about races and drivers, so we know that good writers are out there!

    • Are you at the track on race days?  You could write a first-hand account of what you saw - maybe some things we wouldn't have seen on TV.  Do you have a favorite driver, team, or series?   Are you an analyst or a prognosticator?  You could let the world know your picks for the upcoming race and the reasons you think certain drivers will succeed while others likely won't have a chance.

    • You can write as much (within reason) or as little as you choose, as often as you choose - there are no deadlines here.  You don't need to write a book every time, just a few paragraphs is fine.

    • Write about whatever you like - it doesn't have to be the same topic each time, and blogs don't even need to be about racing.  If you want to write about the World Series, your picks for this week's NFL games, or what you had for breakfast this morning, that's probably OK.

      Keep in mind that this is a racing-oriented site, therefore our visitors will likely be more interested in racing topics, but you're still free to choose the topics which you write about; again, witihin reason - we might not really need to know what you ate for breakfast.

    We'll set aside space on the main page of racing-reference.info to publicize new blog submissions, visitors will have the opportunity to leave comments about your blog, and you'll be able to reply to them.

    Your blog entries will be "protected" by assigning each blogger a unique user ID and password, so that nobody will be able to impersonate you.

Blogging rules and guidelines

  • Avoid profanity and offensive topics.  You should be able to get your point across without deliberately offending people.

  • Try to be informative with your blog entries.  Blogs aren't required to always be cheerful and positive, but endlessly bashing a driver that you don't like isn't likely to hold people's interest for very long.

  • You are responsible for the content of your blog, and that content must be your own and not plagiarized or stolen from someone else.  If you quote from somebody else's work, please give them credit.  You are permitted to post links to other sites in your blog - as long as they are relevant links.

  • Initially, all blogs will be reviewed by racing-reference.info before they are made available to the public, in order to ensure that blogs meet these guidelines.  We anticipate that bloggers will eventually be permitted to submit entries that will be immediately visible.

  • Racing-reference.info reserves the right to reject any blog entry or blogger at any time for any reason (or no reason), particularly in the case where a blog violates our rules or guidelines.

  • Advertising may appear on the page where your blog is located.  All revenue generated by such advertising is the property of racing-reference.info.

How do I apply?

  • Contact us via email at blog@racing-reference.info to let us know of your interest.  Include the following information in that email.  Most of the items listed below are optional, but the more we know about your intentions the more likely it is that we'll be able to fit you into our blogging family.

    1. Your name (required).  This is for internal purposes only and we will never display your name on racing-reference.info or give it out to anyone else.

    2. A valid e-mail address (required).  We will contact you via email when we are ready to begin accepting blogs.  Again, this is for internal use only and will not be displayed on the website or given to anyone else.

    3. Your fictional "blogging identity".  For example, "David Pearson Fan" or "The Masked Avenger".  Don't use somebody's real name (e.g. "Michael Waltrip") unless you can prove you really are that person.  Yes, we will check.

    4. The name of your blog.  For example, "The Inside Line".

    5. The topic(s) you are most interested in writing about.  We're looking for a good variety of topics, although some overlap among blogs will occur. You won't be limited to writing only about the topics you list here, this is just to give us a general idea of your interests.

    6. How often you think you'll be able to submit a blog.  We won't hold you to any strict schedule, but we'd like to know approximately how often you would plan to provide blog updates.

    7. If you'd like to attach a small sample of your writing or a link to something you've written (even if it's just a comment on this site), that would be great but it's not required.

  • When you inform us of your interest in blogging, we will reply to your email and let you know how to proceed.   Thanks for your interest, and have fun blogging!